“Tell the world my story…” Those words from Esperance, our friend and gender-based violence survivor living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, live at the heart of One Million Thumbprints and who we are as a movement: to promote and support the survival of women in conflict zones.

Survival…The effects of war-related violence on women and girls are real, pervasive and urgent. Survival is no small thing. Esperance did not ask for pity. She didn’t ask for permission. She asked us to tell the world her story. Validating her story, believing her story, are among the first steps towards increasing resilience in brave women like Esperance. Resiliency is the capacity to navigate even the most difficult obstacles with “bounce-back”.  Resiliency gives us a sense of our own ability to not only manage conflict happening in us, but overcome the conflicts happening around us. For women living in war, resilience looks like courage to survive.

And when she survives, communities thrive.  

As a trusted partner of One Million Thumbprints you are among the first to see our new campaign: #SheSurvives.

#SheSurvives celebrates the women, families, and workers who strive to overcome barriers in war torn regions of our world. Among other initiatives, we will be launching a capacity-building curriculum next year for survivors in Syria and Lebanon. 

In a world where women and girls disproportionately suffer the often deep and devastating effects of war we rely on your support to help these brave and resilient women. Our monthly partners are integral to our mission. Without you, we would not exist. Will you commit to joining us monthly to help build resilience in  women in conflict zones?


Together, with you, we can: 

Catalyze voice with women and girls affected by violence in conflict zones.

Fund programs ensuring the survival of women and girls in conflict zones, including safe spaces, trauma support, health services, education and economic opportunity.

Increase resilience in women and girls affected by, or vulnerable to, violence associated with war and conflict through capacity-building and training.

Advocate for policy that protects women and girls in conflict zones.

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Violence against women is violence against us.
Join the movement now. – Belinda Bauman