Give your Thumbprint

Why Thumbprints?

When you give your thumbprint, you join thousands of peacemakers who are fighting one of the most difficult problems we face in the world today— violence against women caught in conflict. One Million Thumbprints began with one thumbprint, and will end with millions. But your thumbprint is not just a message of solidarity. Each time we reach a milestone of thumbprints collected—1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and more–we will share with the UN Secretary General, members of the UN Women Executive Board and other policy makers. Our desire is to “break the silence” and encourage the UN to continue the support and work towards the goals defined in UN Resolution 1325 and UN Resolution 1888. Your mark will advocate for tangible change by the international community.

Give your virtual thumbprint now or become a catalyst by collecting thumbprints in your community.

Violence against women is violence against us.
Join the movement now. – Belinda Bauman