Ways to engage

When you add your thumbprint you join the movement to fight one of the most difficult problems we face in the world today: violence against women caught in conflict. Thumbprints are a defining biometric and prove that every person is as human as the next. They speak to the irreplaceable nature of a human life. One Million Thumbprints began with one thumbprint, Esperance, and will end with millions. But your thumbprint is not just a message of solidarity. Each time we reach a milestone — 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 thumbprints and more— we advocate for tangible change with international actors and governmental agencies.

When you give a gift you invest in bringing tangible solutions. Our partners are leading grassroots change in three of the most dangerous places to be a woman: Congo, South Sudan and Syria. Your gift will bring change now for women facing violence in conflict zones.

When you become a catalyst, you light a fire in your own community towards ending violence against women in conflict zones. You can gather thumbprints from friends, family and coworkers, hold an event or plan a climb, uniting with women around the world who are overcoming violence in conflict zones.

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Violence against women is violence against us.
Join the movement now. – Belinda Bauman