Democratic Republic of the Congo



First Summit!

Last night I received this email from Susan: Hello! Back in WiFi! Good news... we summited Izta today! It was probably the most difficult thing I’ve done—but worth every minute! We’ll be traveling to Orizaba tomorrow, hoping to attempt a summit on December 1 or 2....

Short Routes and Little Victories

Curtis and Susan Vanden Bos are climbing two volcanoes in Mexico to raise awareness for Syrian refugees. To prepare for their journey, they climbed Mount Rainier in Washington. I found myself on a snowy flank of Mount Rainier with the realization that the best way to...

The Story Inside Us: Part One

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Hudson Photography “There is no greater agony,” says poet Maya Angelou, “than bearing an untold story inside you.” It has been five years since Lynne Hybels and I, along with five friends met a woman who asked us to tell the world her story....