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The Babies of Beqaa Valley

by Katy Johnson Walk the refugee camps of the Beqaa Valley and you realize at its root, the Syrian crisis in Lebanon is a crisis of children. Seven years since the outbreak of the war in Syria, the valley no longer cradles hundreds of children, but thousands. At last...

Sadness, Three Quarters

We lock eyes. Her name is Haya. My mind flashes to National Geographic and eyes that stay the same color but grow tired over time. But this is not a photo opp. She is not a photo opp or any other kind of opp. I don’t really want to write articles. I don’t even want to...

A Syrian Mother’s Day

by Katy Johnson Belinda Bauman and Alyce Dailey are leading a team of mothers to honor refugee mothers of Syria. This is the first of a series of blogs presented by members of the team. Day One in Bekka Valley brings our first visit to an informal refugee camp. When...